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BIM Architecture Limited

61 Stanhope Avenue Carrington Point Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 1QX UK

BIM Architecture Limited

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most visible aspects of deep and fundamental change that is rapidly transforming the global construction industry.

For centuries we have used symbols on paper and CAD as the primary means to represent and communicate design intent for client approval, bidding, procurement, fabrication, construction and installation. These abstractions have no native intelligence in them and require human interpretation and manipulation to provide meaning and value.

BIM Architecture Limited recognises that all other major capital and knowledge intensive industries have long since transitioned to data-rich environments that enable virtual and automated design, analysis, fabrication and communication. Using the latest BIM technology we aim to reap the rewards of:

  • Higher Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Worker Safety

We believe that the growing worldwide adoption and implementation of true BIM for its powerful data-based modelling, visualisation, analysis and simulation capabilities represents the start of a transition to an integrated digital information infrastructure that will ultimately revolutionise almost all aspects of the construction industry.

BIM Architecture Limited is deeply commited to BIM Design Technology as it becomes integrated in multiple major western economies on a parallel path with local distinctions. We believe our clients deserve to reap the benefits of true BIM from our smart designers who use only advanced computer software in the packages of Autodesk Building Design Suite and our BIM-Arch-UK Compoment Libraries for Revit families.


Our designs are always in 3D and fully automated - creating coordinated and consistent information to deliver projects faster, more economically and with reduced environmental impact.

Using BIM and our computerised design tools we create a uniquie BIM Architecture to suit all architectural tastes. Our results are visibly impressive and very suitable for any submissions including Site Feasibility Studies, Planning, Building Control and Construction documents - reducing unnecessary repeative drawings and charges to our clients.

We use BIM to analyse sites and then model buildings to produce all the required construction documentation and schedules.

We use BIM solutions for building construction that extend through all phases of construction, from building design to planning, scheduling, cost forecasting, and construction management. At the hub of these solutions are building information models that provide a basis to produce accurate 3D visualizations during business development, quantity takeoffs during preconstruction, design conflict resolution during project coordination, and 4D scheduling during construction execution.